Blaque Cherry has taken the reigns from our predecessor Sweet Screams with a mission of providing a curated collection of bold fetish, stage, and fashion accessories worthy of you.

We are challenging ourselves to offer a variety of studio designed, created, and carefully curated pieces that inspire our wearers to stand in their absolute truth.  Our collection of collars, leashes, and cuffs are created by combining beads, velvet and satin ribbons, genuine Swarovski crystals, vegan and genuine leather, and a host of decorative components with a proper host base and gorgeous hardware.  Methods of hand and machine sewing, loom weaving, adhesion, and hand crystal placement are regularly employed giving us the privilege of designing one of a kind pieces as well as producing several similar pieces at once. 

Honestly, we love what we do because this shit is fun as fuck!!!

We source globally and responsibly. All items are created in the USA.


Want to give a special thanks to my friend and photographer Warfare and my biz partner Bryan Haverly (owner of Nikolas B David) for the great photos, inspiration, and terrible advice (really really terrible advice).

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