• Love a cute padlock as an add-on to your accessory to complete your look. 

    • Traditional shaped padlock (approx 1.5" tall x 1" wide)
    • Nickle plated traditional shaped padlock
    • Caviar beads and rhinestone embellishments
    • Design is on the backside of the lock
    • Perfect as an add-on to jewelry or as a lock to a journal
    • Comes with 1 key.


    Please contact us if you have any questions prior to ordering so that we can better assist you.

    Ari Caviar Sprinkle

    • Although these are super cute, and anyone would be tempted to where them 24/7/365; however we felt we needed to give you some info to help you care for your locks.

      • Padlocks should NEVER be submerged in water. The inside of the locks cannot be dried, and water may cause the inner workings to rust and prevent a smooth open and close.
      • If you or the giftee plan to wear the lock 24/7/365, we highly recommend purchasing more than one as the lock will suffer from an accelerated wear and tear.
      • Over time the finish of the lock will wear off from the chemical reaction to body secretions/perspiration; especially those locks with no color/powder coating. The most popular and publicly shared suggestion is to coat the side of the lock encounters skin; coatings included clear nail polish or a skin safe epoxy. Please be sure to test the coating materials as you know your skin best; the two methods are just suggestions and may not work for you.

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