• Product Information

    • fully ENGRAVED design
    • lightweight with a comfortable grip
    • functional & hella stylish
    • 15" length x 3" width x 3/8" height
    • three layers
    • gorgeous acrylic available in multiple colors
    • studio designed and made in Maryland


    Graphic rendering and images are to assist with a visual only.  Our made to order items may slightly vary on the finished product.

  • Options, Maintenance, and Safety

    Pretty Play Paddles are essentially mulitple plates combined (this does not apply to our Lovely Lollies) to form a fun and colorful paddle.  The paddle must be assembled as one plate is not strong enough for play.

    • top clear plate - STANDARD; this will allow you to see any underlying designs.
    • middle design plate - this can be text, graphics, or an engraved plate; color options available.
    • bottom plate - this will be a complimenting color to the middle plate; color options available.


    Shipping: Our packages are shipped discretely in plain shipping boxes.  Your secret is safe with us. Shipping is calculated by weight after the item is packaged. Due to the nature of this product, we will 'over pack' this to ensure that it arrives in tact in pristine condition.


    Care instructions. Although it may seem like these acrylic paddles can be cleaned like windows, they CANNOT.  According to the manufacturer, clean with mild soap and water, then buff dry with a soft towel. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE any ammonia-based cleaners or abrasive cleaners (ex. Windex, Comet, Soft Scrub....).  To fix scratches or scuffs, a plastic restorer would be best. 

  • Custom, Event, & Large Orders

    Contact Us with any questions or if you would like to customize an item or if you need your item by a certain date.


    If you have any event that requires a large order, please be sure to give yourself and us enough time to proof, approve, create, and ship to you.  I highly recommend 8-10 weeks before your deadline.


    all sales are final for any customized items