Listen...cute as shit pasties!!!  These things are so versititle, you can wear them under a shirt or to replace a bikini top for a little more freedom.



  • 2 pasties per pack
  • 3" x 2.7" (cover 2.43")
  • hypoallergenic
  • latex-free medical grade adhesive
  • last for 10-12 hours
  • easy application
  • made in California


Graphic rendering are to assist with a visual only, the finished product and any decal placement may vary on the finished product.

sweet rose

  • When we sourced these oh-so-pretty pasties...we had you in mind. Colorful, fun, expressive, and freeing...slap these things over your nips and go have fun!!


    - Make sure nipplers are clean, dry, and free of all lotions and oils. 

    - Peel off the backing of the pastie and apply to the nipple pad.

    - Smooth down the edges

    - When you are ready to remove, gentle peel the pastie off the skin.

    - Apply moisturizer to the skin as needed after removal.

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  • All responses are as per the manufacturers:

    How do they stick? these nipple covers use a latex-free, medical-grade, waterproof adhesive that is safe for msot skin types.  Peel off the backing, position over the desired area and stick. Consider applying a balm or lotion over the nipple so that the adhesive will not stick to the nipple but to the surrounding area.

    Are they waterproof? yep, yep, and yep again.  As with anything, they will start to peel away if your skin has any kind of oil based mositurizer,  lotion, oil, or sunscreen around your nipples.  It is recommended that any mositurizer or sunscreen is applied after you put on your pastie.

    Will the adhesive irritate my skin? The majority wearers showed no signs of skin irritation when removed gently at the end of use.

    What is the best way to remove for more sensitive skin?
    Apply oil or lotion around the pastie and let it absorb into the surrounding skin that should loosen the grip of the adhesive. Once the pastie starts to peel or lift, then gently peel away the and add more oil or lotion to the exposed areola as needed to completely remove.

    When properly applied, will stay on in most any condition. Our curated brand pasties are skin safe but can cause minor irritation after extensive wear. Discontinue use if you have irritation. DO NOT USE if you have sensitive skin, open cuts, depigmentation issues or sun-burned skin. Have fun but use any type of pastie at your own risk.

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